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Scott’s activities in and around Bristol…

December 15, 2009

Thurs 17th:

I cycled into Spike Island with the Bike Airplane I won on Wednesday attached to my handlebars, I filmed the event using my normal digital camera hung around my neck with its strap shortened. It worked quite well, but the footage isn’t as fantastic to watch back as I imagined. ( see the video on vimeo)

Using the Reading Room at Spike Island, I plotted my route to Stokes Croft. A more Bohemian/’Edgy’ area of Bristol. It has a few small gallery shops and a great coffee shop called Cafe Kino and is home to the ‘People’s Republic of Stokes Croft’. (Pics Below)

Here are the web links for the places I visited:

Stokes Croft is also home to The Jamaica Street Artists, which is apparently one of  the largest artist led studios outside of London, housing 43 artists.

I emailed the group on Monday morning, asking if someone could show me around and talk about how a large studio like that is maintained. Unfortunately I have had no reply,  and could not gain access when I went there.

Wed 16th:


Bath is very traditional with lots of craft based galleries, Although I found a few with contemporary painting and photography.
It seems that because Bath is so close to Bristol Contemporary artists and students from Bath spa tend to look towards Bristol for the ‘Art Scene.’

Pub Quiz…
The Old Diving School, Bristol.
The guys at the Diving school hosted a fundraiser for the 3rd yr UWE Fine Art students.

I joined late in the quiz and obviously had a great influence on the team I joined as we ended up winning!
Iwas awarded a special toy airplane that fixes onto the handle bars of my bike. I will enjoy riding around Bristol with it attached!!

Tuesday 15th:

I visited ‘Common Task’ exhibition Modern Art Oxford.

& The Pitt Rivers Collection, Oxford University Museum.

Mon 14th:
I was introduced to the temporary studio space I am sharing in BV studios,Bristol.

I then Spent the afternoon at Spike Island researching places to visit during my week in Bristol, and visited the  Bristol Diving School Studios, where Agent David G Johns was based during his residency.

BV Studios & Motorcade/Flash Parade

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  1. Sovay permalink
    December 16, 2009 3:01 pm

    Nice gold hoodie Scott, was that in Oxford? Can you tell us more about the Common Task show?


    • scott permalink
      December 17, 2009 12:58 am

      The show was centred around the narrative of strange pseudo-cult of people dressed in gold jump suits. the group, from poland, were shown on show reels visiting africa, documenting ceremonies and working with local people to produce their own kind of cereomial idols. There was a feel of the tv series ‘stargate’ about the show as the front of the exhibition was made out like part of a space-ship.

      visitors were encoraged to wear the jump suits by invigilators who, also wearing the suits handed out brochures from matching gold record bags.

      below is snippet from Modern Art Oxford’s website…

      Pawel Althamer is considered as one of the most innovative artists of his generation. Merging the traditions of sculpture with radical interventions, he orchestrates situations and events involving communities of people in real time and public places. His highly engaging and often devastatingly simple works translate alternative or parallel realities to the ones we experience in everyday life.

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