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Agent: William Amery I am an active member of the arts community in Plymouth. I am dedicated to supporting the development and growth of Plymouth’s art scene and have a real passion for artist led activity, running events and participating in curatorial practice. To date I have been involved in working with and supporting a number of arts institutions in the city, including working on exhibition installations with Plymouth Arts Centre and Plymouth College of Art. I have recently been developing a series of public events in collaboration with Neil Rose and Matt Coombe from Café Concrete (Plymouth’s alternative, artist run, monthly sound night).

I would really like to maintain and expand on the links I have already established in Plymouth – continuing to develop my practice as an artist and curator in the city and to realise my ambition to make a positive contribution to the arts community in Plymouth.

Exhibitions & Events:

2007:- Regeneration Plymouth, Small instillation consisting of two chairs and a sofa, set in the heart of Plymouth City Centre, Interviewing the public on their feelings on the regeneration of their city. (Exhibition, same instillation set up in Studio 11 with digital media surrounding.) Collaboration with Lloyd Woodger.
2007:-Homage to the RA summer Show, Instillation consisting of large wall 100 paintings varying in size and shape, investigating the history and beauty of the Royal Academy Summer Show sorting process.
2008:- Art For Bikes Sake, Interactive event designed to capture the cyclists of Plymouth resulting in the production of a publication, called Velo Club Plymouth. Exhibition Comprising of installation of bicycles and collected media from event.
2009:- Not The Avant Garde, Launch event for new company Not The Avant Garde, live painting, experimental music and performance writing.
2009:-Bring Your Own Biro, 1&2, Continuation of Not the Avant Garde, a multi venue event. Starting in Studio 11 (Plymouth College of Art) and finalising in Voodoo Lounge alongside Café Concrete as a linked enterprise. Event takes mundane objects such as the biro and the typewriter as tools to reminisce obsolete technology, Including live music and performance.
2009:- Made in HM Dartmoor Prison, A staircase commissioned by myself to Dartmoor maximum security prison. Five steps High, section from household staircase. Instillation forms a homage to masculinity, and British craftsmanship.
2009:-House Repairs and Decoration 39, Instillation consisting of staircase, ramp and wooden clad walls, celebration of masculinity, through the keyhole view into world of that mans shed.
2009:-Best of Graduation, Made in Dartmoor Prison selected for Plymouth College of Art Best of Graduation Show.
2009:-First Steps Duchy Square Princetown, exhibition curated by myself, work consisted of selection from all disciplines, from Plymouth College of Art and the University of Plymouth. Producing a networking environment for the progression of new Graduates.
2009:- Giro de Janner / Nom de Strip Launch, Nom de Strip is a new arts and culture magazine for the city of Plymouth. Focusing on the regeneration and the 2020 plan of attack for the city. Featuring, arts, fashion and music along with publicity for local organisations and collectives. The Launch formed a bicycle race (under the guise of Velo Club Plymouth) from the centre  (central plaza) to one of Plymouths pinnacle cultural environments, the Royal William Yard. Showcasing, local companies and the band Dr.ake. Producing a cultural community and mapping together key figures within the city.
November 2009:- Control Point- A Temporary Facility, Plymouth Arts Centre, Steven Paige and Sovay Berriman invited artists from Plymouth to take part in an exhibition concerning artist- led practice. Part of Plymouth Arts Centre’s programme develop the visual arts ecology in the city of Plymouth.

Gallery Work Experience:-
It’s Nice That- 2008 Veiwpoint Gallery Plymouth College Of Art.
Animal Gaze-2008 Veiwpoint Gallery Plymouth College Of Art.
Craig Fisher-2009 Veiwpoint Gallery Plymouth College Of Art.
Ellie Harrison- 2009 Veiwpoint Gallery Plymouth College Of Art.
John Hall- 2009 Veiwpoint Gallery Plymouth College Of Art.
First Steps-2009 Duchy Square Princetown (Curated By Myself)
Lucy Orta- 2009 Veiwpoint Gallery Plymouth College Of Art
Scott Daniels- 2009 Veiwpoint Gallery Plymouth College Of Art.

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  1. December 5, 2009 3:09 am

    Nom de Strip, magazine needs new writers, illustraiters, photographers and artists from the city of Plymouth. If you are interested in writing or submitting work please contact me at,

  2. December 5, 2009 3:19 am

    I have an idea to produce an exhibition, using all the contributers from Nom De Strip Magazine, however I need your help to make this happen. Nom De strip (allias or cover name if you were wondering) is working to develop a tangeble, cherished publication in the city, with aims of becoming a key tool in the regeneration of Plymouth. The key objectives for the magazine are to bring together the far and outreaching seperate peer groups together as one. This in time will form a strong group of like minded positive and ambitious individuals. I want to produce with your help a showreel of events, lectures, screenings and exhibitions in the city giving everyone who wants to be involved the chance of taking part. All i ask of you, is for you to regester your interest at., this will give me a strong indicator of who’s in , a kind of market research.

  3. December 5, 2009 3:22 am

    Magazine workshops ?? 24 Hour Magazine This sounds like a fantastic idea, let’s make it happen I’m back now everyone and ready to fight this with avengence. The working world can’t knock me down that easily.
    Look forward to seeing everyone next week. I’ll be in all day Monday so see you there..

  4. December 5, 2009 3:24 am

    I’ve worked out a schedule and will be around all or next week to discuss these ideas.

  5. December 7, 2009 1:04 pm

    I’ve got a new idea for a book, taking an idea that I had in the final year of my degree, (art for bikes sake) I now want to develop a book, photographing the cyclists of plymouth in a studio environment, running a few events. Just like the new york book pedal. Take a look, released by Power House Books, 2003. New York. Also calling on illustraitors to produce a select collection of haynes mannuel esq. imagary for the dividing pages. I also will need writers to make this happen. Poems from the uphill struggle that cycling around Plymouth is.

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