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Agent: Lucy Brennan

I am trained in Print Design but consider myself an illustrator, a Designer, a writer and a Printer. I don’t like to stick to one practice or one type of media; I go with the flow. I absorb inspiration from everything around me; small things, big things, boring things, living things.

There is one constant theme within my work which is drawing. Print Design is an ongoing practice I dip in out of. Designs are digitally composed from my own photographs, drawings and paintings to produce something original. I make bags, cushions and other garments out of my fabric which have been quite successful and this is something I would like to build on throughout the project.I will also be producing more drawings and wish to compile a body/ bodies of work whilst at Control Point which will challenge and develop me as an Artist.I want to push the boundaries and experiment; get messy.I am full of ideas; drawings and new concepts.

Not all ideas are good ones, this is what being an artist is all about; Experimenting, challenging yourself, making mistakes and succeeding and that is what I intend to use this opportunity for.

As a Plymouth Based Artist, my current inspiration is the city. I am interested in the History, the architecture and social environment. Other influences are people, birds, conversations, poetry and photography.

From my work as a textile designer, shapes, texture and colour are an important aspect within my practice along with composition.

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  1. December 16, 2009 2:55 pm

    Hi Lucy
    How did the trip go? ANy news? An update?

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