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Agent: Ben Langworthy

Liverpool is really amazing if cold ad wet! The last coupe of days have really just been spent settling in. Today was a day of wandering around the city, i borrowed a bike of the people im staying with and set off around the city. I visited a few galleries, notebly Tate liverpool and F.A.C.T. Both were ok, nothing mind blowing, but the Tate did have a work fro Francis Alys’s ‘Seven Walks’ project which although iv seen before never stops being interesting, and poeticly simple!

Onto other things though, iv been thinking about what i want to do this week alot and developing the main idea, and I NEED YOUR HELP!

What im interested in is the idea of doing  a guillera/almost invisible project. I was interested in this idea of displacement linked to ideas of locational identity (i can explain that in another post!) and the idea of communication between two cities. Both being port towns the mores code seemed the appropriate method. so this is what i want to do:

I plan to organise a low-fi Morse code message to go though the city on the eve of my depature. A large scale but almost invisible project. People will (hopefully) be asked to turn up to the studio with a torch where they will be given a bit of paper with the morse alphabet on it and a point on a map, and a time to go there. the message will then at a specified time start and pass though the city. I like the idea of doing this because its a large scale, but almost invisible project.

If practicable id like to form a message that maps its own journey a journey and a coversation from one city to another; each person adding a 2-4word description of their place along the route. when the message reaches its final point (i think probly the station i will be leaving from) I will note down the sequence and courier it to Plymouth, when i arrive on suturday eve, what i want to do is to send the message through Plymouth from or near the station, to its destination at the arts centre where the can finally  be decoded.

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  1. Ben Langworthy permalink
    November 21, 2009 10:52 pm

    I’m getting ready for the off tomorrow. Plymouth today, Tavistock tonight, Exeter, Gloucester, Birmingham, then Liverpool tomorrow. the odyssey begins from one port to another! A few bits come to mind, the idea of the journey being a place in itself and the idea of a displacement of identity within that. So with that in mind i have a bottle of Plymouth gin to take with me (taking the spirit of the city so to speak!), this will be drunk communally in Liverpool hopefully, informally forming connections and ideas in the process! Il keep you posted.

  2. November 26, 2009 10:08 am

    Are you free this Sunday 29th November Evening and interested in taking part in a Guerrilla message that will spread throughout Liverpool City Centre on Saturday then travel to pass though Plymouth on Sunday as the light fades?

    Ben Langworthy’s participatory performance ‘From The River To The Sea’ will see a low-fi Morse code message travel though the city centre of Liverpool and Plymouth on a large scale whilst remaining mostly invisible.

    Participants are invited to bring a torch along on Sunday (venue to be confirmed), where they will be given Morse Code instructions and a destination. Once it turns dark the message begins to grow as it passes though the city, each participant adding words describing their route as they pass from place to place. Starting in Liverpool and traveling to Plymouth, this ambitious communal message will map its own journey, culminating at Plymouth Arts Centre on Sunday evening where it can finally be decoded, forming a dialogue between these two port cities.

    Ben Langworthy is a Plymouth based artist currently undertaking a week long residency at the Royal Standard of which ‘From The River To The Sea’ will be the culmination of his time in Liverpool. His interests lie in the identity of place and how different locations can conect and communicate.


    and as many volunteers as possible to take part, speaking about your city directly with Bens!

    Please get in touch via facebook with Ben Langworthy directly or leave us a message below if you can make it along or have any more questions

    Torches, bike lights, camping lights and even mobile phones will work if they are bright enough

  3. Sovay permalink
    December 16, 2009 2:56 pm

    Hi Ben

    What have you been doing since you got back from Liverpool?


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